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I am a graduate student in architecture at Clemson University and will graduate in May, 2013 with a Master of Architecture. Upon completing six years in architecture school in a studio-based format, and diverse internships, I am eager to enter the work force as a design professional.  My ability to think creatively in addition to the components of my education which include conceptual and technical design, design / build, and master planning have prepared me to be a leader in this profession.  While I have been able to experience the connection between all facets of architecture while developing a global environmental consciousness, I am anxious to make a difference in our community as I continue to expand upon my knowledge and experience.

I've been fascinated with "making pretty things" since the day I could hold a crayon. That love, over time has evolved into something much greater. Now, design is my life and I believe that as architects, we can be designers in every sense of the word, from the design of buildings and spaces to things on a smaller scale such as interior architecture, furniture, products, and graphic design. It is truly a multidisciplinary way of thinking.


I love to travel and through my study of architecture, I have been blessed with the opportunity to see more of the world than I ever thought possible.  I love people watching through these adventures, observing how people behave in their daily surroundings. Being able to connect the global aspect and the behavior of people has given me a perspective which has served to strengthen my work.

My hope is that you will enjoy browsing through some of my selected works as you learn more about me as a designer.

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