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​Spring 2012

Black Walnut

Learning by making is one of the most powerful tools that I have found in my education, therefore, when I had the opportunity within my school curriculum to independently study furniture and construct a piece, I knew it was perfect for me.  

Through this design, I wanted to demonstrate the careful balance between form and function and the attention to detail which I feel are both essential parts of design.  The beauty and simplicity of Scandinavian design is something that I feel is timeless and should be a part of my design.  I appreciate the great respect for both the material and craftsmanship that is evident in this style.  I chose to take my own spin on the Scandinavian Modern style to create a piece that would be perfectly functional, yet beautiful in my own home.  ​

​I paid careful attention to every detail.  The cabinet doors were bookmatched to create continuous grain running along the entire front of the piece.  Miter joints form the frame of the piece.  The sideboard was designed in a way that would allow for very limited hardware and no visible hardware from the exterior.  In order to achieve this, the cabinet doors are rounded along the top edge to allow them to be opened in this way.  ​

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