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Charleston, SC

Fall 2011

Project Team: David Pastre (professor), Barrett Armstrong, Nick Barrett, Richard Chalupa, Sara Cheikelard,  Julie Knorr, Joseph Martin, Tyler Mclemore, Keith Richey, Alex Wetzel, Lindsay Yarborough

The Corinne Jones playground was to be rebuilt in a growing neighborhood of the downtown Charleston area. The design / build studio, as part of the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston, stepped in to design a unique seating and shade structure that would become an icon of the renovated park.

This project involved collaboration with the local neighborhood association as well as the Charleston Parks Conservancy.  The design itself had to be presented to and approved by Charleston's Design Review Committee. 


The four foot wide blocks continually change in height and angle along the curving wall.  The trusses also change in height and angle in relation to the blocks.  The column and beam portions of the trusses as well as the bench detail were assembled using lap joints.  The trusses were then inserted into keyholes within the concrete blocks.  The space between the trusses is bridged with twisted galvanized steel louvers which provide a unique shading device and interesting shadows.  




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