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Fall 2012

walnut plywood

natural leather


​This is a chair that I designed and built as part of a product design class.  The chair features a plywood frame wrapped in woven leather strips to form the seat and back of the chair.


The idea of weaving connects to the way that I chose to weave together a style of furniture and design that I am very interested in and fond of, with a technique that is entirely uncommon to this style.  I chose to take cues from the Scandinavian modern style of design and translate them to a completely different material and construction method.  Through this process, I furthered my understanding of the Scandinavian design sense while learning the capabilities of the CNC machine and the way that it can transform a design into something that is able to be mass produced.

A high level of comfort was achieved through the study of ergonomics and proportions.  The woven leather seat and back also give the chair this very comfortable feel as it conforms to the body.  The goal of the design was to simplify the chair as much as possible, leaving nothing but the clean lines for which Scandinavian design is so well known, and only the joinery necessary to assemble the piece.


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