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(in progress - Spring 2013)

Clemson, SC

Project Team: Lindsay Yarborough & Julie Knorr

The current project that I am working on involves the design of a new housing community for Clemson University.  This community will be for graduate, married, and international students, therefore, in the design, we are attempting to create a unique experience, different from typical undergraduate housing.  One of the main focuses is in connecting people with the environment.  The site, Y-Beach, allows for a unique amenity for residents as it is a recreational park.  Community interaction is encouraged by the creation of different layers of community ranging from the most private housing units to micro communities, the entire housing community, and the more public recreational area.


The housing units encourage community interaction in a shared core that houses vertical circulation as well as shared functions. Terraces also create an extension of the living space into the outdoors.  


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