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Clemson, SC

Fall 2012

This project for the design of a new building to house Clemson University's College of Business and Behavioral Science began with a master planning phase.  Through the master plan, both the East/West and North/South axes that run through the site and connect to campus have been accentuated.  The buildings work together to form a diverse set of open spaces.  The "L" shaped CBBS building helps to form open space and give valuable street frontage to the business school.  The shape also allows for the CBBS building to open up and embrace connection with design disciplines, encouraging innovation. A primary feature of the building  is a pass through that lies on the East/West axis, connecting students to campus from the parking in the West.


The program of the building included 180,000 square feet of space including instructional, office, and common space.  The program was divided into each branch of the "L," with the West branch containing mostly offices and the South branch containing mainly instructional space.  This, in turn, encourages users of instructional and office areas to cross paths on a daily basis as they share the same floors.  A mock trading floor sits above the pass through in a transparent location as a beacon of the business school.  A large student/faculty "living room" sits on the ground floor to encourage interaction between different disciplines.   ​


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